Welcome to Toltmaster – Icelandic horsemanship at its best

We at Toltmaster dedicate ourselves to the art of Icelandic horsemanship, horse training and strengthening the relationship between equestrians and their Icelandic horse. Teaching through mutual respect, communication and trust within the horse, and based on Icelandic traditions of gaited riding, we ensure the best possible education for you and your horse.


If you want to be a leader - be a good, solid and caring leader instead of a dictator.
  • A good leader takes on more responsibility than their subordinate. It is your responsibility to know your horse's strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, habits, and physical limitations. It is your responsibility to become the best rider you can be, and to provide the best care and handling you can.
  • A good leader listens to the horse, then takes the horse's feedback into consideration and acts accordingly. Leaders do not approach their horses with a set regime and expect the horse to fit that regime no matter what. They understand how to read the horse well enough to find the right exercise, in the right amount, at the right time.
  • A good leader accepts responsibility when things don't go as planned.
  • A good leader tries to see things from the horse's perspective. 
  • A good leader can give the horse support and confidence when the horse gets worried.
  • A good leader is able to observe, remember, compare, and make a sensible plan.
  • A good leader is flexible and ready to adjust to fit whatever situation might arise.
  • Good leaders will set their horse up for success and make him feel like a winner!
  • A good leader allows horses to think for themselves. 
  • A good leader is clear, fair, and consistent.
  • Through good balance, feel, timing, judgement, and skill a good leader will inspire horses to want to do their best. 
  • Good leaders show their horses love, respect, and appreciation.
A good leader has the humility to know that they cannot appoint themselves as a leader - they have to EARN it.