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We at Toltmaster dedicate ourselves to the art of Icelandic horsemanship, horse training and strengthening the relationship between equestrians and their Icelandic horse. Teaching through mutual respect, communication and trust within the horse, and based on Icelandic traditions of gaited riding, we ensure the best possible education for you and your horse.

Custom made saddles from Stübben

Equipment doesn't train the horse, but it sure helps! Eyjólfur offers a line of high quality tack, including custom made saddles.

To achieve the best possible ride, it’s essential for both you and your horse to be safe, comfortable and bio mechanical sound. In order to get to that level, a quality saddle is a must.
Eyjólfur discovered the Portos Iceland saddle from Stübben at the World Championship in Berlin 2013. The Portos Iceland saddle fulfill all of Eyjólfur's demands and requirements for riding and training the lcelandic Horse.
The Portos saddles are fantastic, they fits both Ida og Eyjólfur perfectly. Ida rides in Portos Iceland I with a medium seat and Eyjólfur have Iceland II with a flat seat and small knee rolls.
"It is the best saddle I have ever ridden in" Eyjólfur said.
This extraordinary performance saddle will be custom hand crafted for you in supreme grade leather. Its revolutionary construction is borne of the results of research and development considering the wellbeing of your horse as well as yourself.

Please contact us for more informations. We will help you find the right saddle for you and your horse.


The level of customizing the Portos Iceland saddle is practically boundless. 
You can consider 2 seat depths, 7 tree widths, 4 seat sizes, 2 knee roll sizes, 3 panels choices, 2 leather choices  and variety of leather colors.
Eyjólfur will help you to find the right saddle for you and your horse.

We are confident that we can solve just about any fitting issue, even one that you may have previously struggled with.
Left: Portos Iceland I - Medium seat. Right: Portos Iceland II - Flat seat


A New Concept of Saddle - The Portos Iceland Freedom
Stübben has partnered with Equi-Soft, a company dedicated to the development of products to improve the welfare of the horse. Designs that are made to move with your horse.

The Equi-Soft Portos Iceland Freedom saddle is designed for complete freedom of movement and to accommodate the horse’s back. Each long back muscle contracts unilaterally with the movement of the hind leg.

The back arches in the process, one side at the time.

The most outstanding difference between usual saddle and the The Freedom saddle is the biomechanical tree. The tree is divided into two parts, facilitating freedom of movement and relieving pressure on the horse’s back and adapting to the rider’s movement at the same time.
The Freedom saddle provides incredibly close feeling for the horse. Carefully calculated degree of flexibility to offer horse freedom of motion, and the rider a close “feel” for the horse’s movement and beat in the gaits.

The seat of the rider is the most important aid for the communication. Stübben has developed a saddle that is smooth enough for the rider to feel the movements of the horse and vice versa give the horse the possibility to feel the exact aids given from the seat of the rider.

A free action of the back is required to perform a correctly executed 4-beat tölt. The movement of the legs transfers up through the loins and back, a rigid saddle tree seriously restricts that action. The animal’s natural response is to stiffen up.

The divided Stübben Spring Tree in the Freedom saddle accommodate the action of the horse’s back and help the horse to move each leg independently in the 4-beat tölt. Eyjolfur named the saddle "The 4-beat saddle" because it makes riding tölt more easy.

Portos FREEDOM is an exciting innovation in saddle making and absolutely unique, especially when it comes to gaited horses and riding the tölt.

Please contact us for more informations. We will help you find the right saddle for you and your horse.


Stübben have always emphasized research, especially when it comes to tree design. Stübben is committed to using the newest and best technology and materials. The result is a saddle tree that is like no other.

The Stübben tree is a unique combination of very specific materials. It start with the outer part of the frame, which is made of a composite material that is both extremely strong and durable, yet remains flexible. Unlike wood (which many other manufacturers use for their trees), which is affected by moisture and may start to warp over time, Stübben composite material is impervious to water, humidity or temperature changes, and does not lose any of its properties over time.

The second component is the unbreakable, never-rust brass stirrup bars, which are always recessed into the tree. These recessed bars ensure that the stirrup leather buckles do not interfere with the rider’s contact with the horse.
Now, the truly unique part of the Stübben Spring Tree – the tree gets its “spring” from tensioning materials that counterbalance each other. The steel bars along the bottom of the tree, which would lay flat without tensioning, are prevented from doing so by the webbing at the top of the tree. Inversely, the webbing cannot flex too much because of the resistance of the steel bars below. These two components, working flawlessly together, create the perfect shock absorbing system.

When the rider sits on a Stübben Spring Tree, the spring of the tree is immediately activated. The webbing flexes to diminish the impact of the rider’s weight, while the steel bars prevent the webbing from simply caving in. Thus, an ideal interface is created between the vertical motion of the rider and the horizontal motion of the horse. When absorption occurs, the tree disperses the weight throughout the saddle, from front to back. This keeps the rider in better synchronization with the motion of the horse, which improves both comfort and performance.

To sum up, a saddle is only as good as the tree upon which it is built. The Stübben Spring Tree guarantees the perfect balance of strength and flexibility in your saddle. And remember, there is no other tree like a Stübben Spring Tree.


Stübben has partnered with Biomex* Technology Center at Klinic Gut, a leading hospital for orthopedics and sports medicine in Switzerland, to create an innovative seat design that can greatly reduce a rider’s back pain. Introducing the Patent Pending Stübben Biomex*… it will revolutionize your idea of a comfortable saddle.

Biomex* is available on all Stübben saddles.