Welcome to Toltmaster – Icelandic horsemanship at its best

We at Toltmaster dedicate ourselves to the art of Icelandic horsemanship, horse training and strengthening the relationship between equestrians and their Icelandic horse. Teaching through mutual respect, communication and trust within the horse, and based on Icelandic traditions of gaited riding, we ensure the best possible education for you and your horse.

On Horseback Online Videos

Buy a full movie or just a chapter from the DVD's as online videos, and watch them as many times as you want.

A Few Basics - Chapter 1
The connection between man and horse.
12,50 EUR
A Few Basics - Chapter 2
Move forward and stop.
12,50 EUR
A Few Basics - Chapter 4
Coordination of the aids.
5,00 EUR
8,75 EUR
A Few Basics - Chapter 7
From walk to flying pace.
5,00 EUR
Outline and balance - Chapter 3
Left seat, right seat and yielding to the rein.
3,75 EUR
Outline and balance - Chapter 4
Circles and serpentines.
10,00 EUR
Outline and balance - Chapter 5
Tölttraining in hand.
3,75 EUR
Connection between man and horse – Chapter 3
Body language and seat control.
9,50 EUR