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We at Toltmaster dedicate ourselves to the art of Icelandic horsemanship, horse training and strengthening the relationship between equestrians and their Icelandic horse. Teaching through mutual respect, communication and trust within the horse, and based on Icelandic traditions of gaited riding, we ensure the best possible education for you and your horse.

Cheval Liberté

When it comes to trailer our choice is a Cheval Liberté Gold Pullman 2.
We are delighted to announce our partnership agreement with Cheval Liberté Denmark. The picture shows Kate Kühlwein Laursen with Eyjolfur Isolfsson as the trailer was delivered in Holstebro.

Trailer loading

A horse can learn to accept the trailer as a comfortable and safe place.
What causes a horse to turn into a difficult loader? One factor is simply the horse's instincts.
Horses naturally perceive anything that represents restriction and confinement as a threat to their safety.
Entering a small enclosure such as a trailer goes against a horse's instincts.

Some horses balk at loading because of an unpleasant experience in their past.
Horses will remember a traumatic or unpleasant trailer ride, and will do whatever they can not to repeat that experience.
A particularly long ride, speeding over bumps in the road, taking corners too sharply, or too many sudden stops can cause the horse to associate discomfort with being in the trailer.
The worst thing you can do from the horse’s point of view is to brake while going through a turn or to make a steering correction while turning. The higher the speed, the more the horse will experience the aforementioned discomfort. The best way to drive for the horse’s comfort is by pretending there is a full cup of coffee on the dashboard. If the cup does not move and you don’t spill any coffee, you are a good driver for your horse!
Train yourself by driving with a full cup of coffee on the dashboard.

Cheval Liberté Gold Pullman 2

A good trailer is necessary for the horse to learn to accept the trailer as a comfortable and safe place.
We looked at a lot of trailers in Denmark and chosed the Cheval Liberté Gold Pullman 2 due to the fine suspension system.
The trailer is designed with Pullman suspension .That’s the same system as in cars
– every wheel has its own individual coil spring and cushioning.
This suspension creates balance, comfort and stability which gives the horse a comfortable ride .
The horse therefore likes being in the trailer and loads into the trailer willingly and easily.
The Pullman 2 Performance suspension system is based on a chassis that is 10 cm lower than previously, therefore giving the trailer even better stability and balance.
It’s important that the trailer is spacious. A horse that has plenty of room can stand with a large distance between the right and left legs to improve stability and balance.
That’s why we choose a full size trailer for Icelandic horses.
An important thing to note from an economic perspective is that the trailer only weighs 750 kg which saves fuel on long trips.
Eyjolfur frequently demonstrates how to load horses onto trailers during his courses and demos. Cheval Liberté website www.cheval-liberte.dk