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We at Toltmaster dedicate ourselves to the art of Icelandic horsemanship, horse training and strengthening the relationship between equestrians and their Icelandic horse. Teaching through mutual respect, communication and trust within the horse, and based on Icelandic traditions of gaited riding, we ensure the best possible education for you and your horse.

Louise Kampmann about Eyjólfur:

If only all teachers were like Töltmaster Eyjólfur Ísólfsson

"We are so lucky that Eyjólfur regularly come and conducts courses on our horse farm. 
After a course the whole team is walking around with a blissful smile. But what is it that makes him one of the best riding teachers in the world?
It's no easy task to boil Eyjólfur's many grains of gold down to single article. The man simply has  a toolbox larger than most. Whether the horse you come with are young or old, will not stop or will not go forward. Whether you're a beginner or a pro. Then he can see how, you have to approach to achieve improvements. And it is not necessarily the same tools that work on every horse.

Open to new knowledge
All the time he is open to new ways to address problems and a motto is just that it takes 200 years to learn how to ride and you can always get better.
Eyjólfur is traveling  around the world to learn from other equestrian. And this is probably one of the answers to the question of what makes him such a talented teacher: He is constantly open to new ideas and keeps his own enthusiasm in check by being curious. 
A great educator
Apart from the purely academic achieved through a long life as an elite rider, trainer and chief rider at University Holar Iceland, there is also the human qualities that make him both a good communicator and a great educator. He have many anecdotes, stories and quotes as he communicates with Icelandic humor. He always makes the exercises easy for both horse and rider to understand. And if they are not always that easy to do, he patiently go on until there is some kind of breakthrough.
"Take the time it'll take - it ends up being the shortest way."
It feels safe
Fear and trembling is often a feeling you can have when you move into new areas with the horse: Can he sustain it? Will he run away? Will he buck? Do I ask for too much?
But with Eyjólfur you are in safe hands, though he often require more than you are doing on a daily basis.  Because he can see exactly what the rider and horse can handle. And it is precisely there the blissful smile enters. For the most you can do much more than you thought you could. It's a nice feeling.
Eyjolfur has released three DVD containing a systematic review of the horse's training and how to build it up and deal with different challenges.
Read more about Eyjólfur at www.toltmaster.com  where you also can find quotes from other big "horse men".
Eyjólfur live in Aalborg with his wife Ida who teaches proper seat and balance. 
He gives courses throughout Europe."